Specialized treatments for Fordyce spots removal

Fordyce spots or Sebaceous Prominence is a skin condition widely spread in both men and women. These spots are in fact a result of the obstruction of a sebaceous gland which prevents the discharge of the sebum from the body. This determines some bumps to form on the surface of the skin in areas such as the shaft of the penis, the scrotum, labia or even on the lips.

Fordyce spots are harmless, painless and asymptomatic so they should be no cause for concern. However, people who notice these lesions on visible and sensitive areas such as the genital area or the lips might suffer emotionally because it makes them insecure about their condition and their partner’s reaction.  This is precisely the reason why some people require a professional consultation and their removal, for cosmetic reasons.

Since they are not health threatening, practitioners do not usually recommend their patients to undergo any treatment against Fordyce spots.  However, the specialists at Renew Skin and Health Clinic can suggest you some treatments if your Fordyce spots are highly visible. One of the simplest treatments is applying Tretinoin cream or gel on the affected area and combining it with alpha-hydroxyl acid which ensures faster results. However, there is a risk of getting scars as a result of using this cream, depending on the patient’s skin sensitivity.

Electrodessication with radiosurgery is a non-surgical procedure used by our specialists at Renew Skin and Health Clinic and it implies the use of high-frequency electric current on the affected area which has a dehydrating effect on the bumps. Or, you can also opt for laser therapy which makes use of a CO2 laser or pulsed dye laser to vaporize the tiny spots on the skin. Both of these procedures are minimally invasive and should ensure the expected results.

Cryosurgery can also be an option in severe cases of Fordyce spots. This procedure implies the application of extreme cold to destroy the bumps on the skin. However, this method can damage the tissues surrounding the spots.

Men and women who want to immediately get rid of their Fordyce spots can contact our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office and benefit from a professional consultation at the closest clinic in their area. Our specialists can recommend you one of the most effective procedures for Fordyce spots removal in case their aspect is extremely unaesthetic. What you have to remember though, is that being a cosmetic procedure, Fordyce spots removal is not covered up by the NHS.

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Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly Penile Papules are benign manifestations of male hormonal activity

Fordyce Spots

Fordyce spots are a common skin condition which appears mostly in men as sebaceous small granules. Despite the unaesthetic aspect, this skin condition is not dangerous and does not require a treatment

PPP Treatment Results

Radiosurgery completely removes the Pearly Penile Papules and leaves behind no scars

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