Pearly Penile Papules treatment Our patient testimonials after pearly penile papules removal.


From Newport

"Very professional and friendly staff. Dr Jha was very informative and helpful."


From Northampton

"I was seen by Dr Jha. Relatively painless, very professional. Thank you!"


From Leamington Spa

"I was seen by Dr Jha and I felt at ease with all the staff. Hopefully the treatment will be effective. I'm very grateful to all the staff, they were great. Room for improvement with the tea- could do with some buscuits."

Mr T

From Leamington Spa

"I saw Dr Jha and i was made very welcomed and at ease upon arrival. The Dr and his team are very friendly and professional. I would recommend this clinic for anyone requiring health and skin treatments."


From Cumbria

"Excellent standards. I felt very comfortable. The procedure was quick and only a little pain at the end of the procedure. I would highly recommend this treatment."

Steve B

From Deeside

"My experience at Renew was ggod, i felt no pain during my procedure and felt at ease."

Caetlin Tiana

From Birmingham

"After a lot of troubles and worries I finally decided to visit the Renew Skin & Health Clinic. I was so ashamed of my skin condition in the genital area because I thought I was suffering from some weird disease when in fact all I had was Fordyce spots. I was easily and efficiently treated by a wonderful team of specialists who listened to all my needs and wishes before and during the radiosurgery treatment removal. I will never regret having the courage to ask a specialist’s opinion on my condition. Now I am not ashamed anymore to have a sexual life."

Adelle Sydne

From Liverpool

"I suffered from Fordyce spots on the vermilion border of the lips for 5 years and I used all kinds of home treatments in order to get rid of them but never achieved something more than a milder condition. I looked only for natural remedies because I was so afraid of other medical interventions.  However, I met a new friend one day and she told me she had the same problem and did the exact thing like me until she booked a consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. She cured all her Fordyce spots in the lips with radiosurgery treatment just as I did right after I found out how safe and efficient everything actually is."

George Parish

From Leeds

“I was so ashamed of having PPPs it used to be very difficult for me to become intimate with anyone. I know it might seem a bit frivolous to some people, but penile papules can really damage someone’s personal life. I started searching online for information and I finally decided to try Renew Skin & Health Clinic. Needless to say, I was very satisfied with the conduct of the doctors and the nurses, but I was most excited by the results of the removal treatment. Dr. Jha used radiosurgery to remove the papules in a single session; it really didn’t take that much and, although a bit intimidating at first, the procedure was not painful at all. I must say I was very impressed with everything, from the staff to the tools they used. Some of the technology there reminded me of something out of Star Trek. A week or so after the procedure, I was as good as new.”

Terry Finnegan

From Chester

“I first noticed what I thought looked like tiny, white pimples on my penis three years ago. I did not think much about them, since they were initially rather small in size, but as time pasted they became increasingly noticeable. When I was diagnosed with Pearly Penile Papules, I was actually very relieved to be quite honest, because for some time before the consultation I started thinking it was some kind of STD.  If you are confronted with a similar problem, I recommend that you consider Renew Skin & Health Clinic; the members of the medical staff seem very nice and are very good at what they do.  The doctor explained the process to me and gave me all of the necessary details. He told me a lot of men have PPP and that I have no reason to be ashamed. The radiosurgery took somewhere around 25 minutes and was almost completely painless. Everyone involved in the process conducted themselves professionally and were very considerate of my rather delicate position. ”

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Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly Penile Papules are benign manifestations of male hormonal activity

Fordyce Spots

Fordyce spots are a common skin condition which appears mostly in men as sebaceous small granules. Despite the unaesthetic aspect, this skin condition is not dangerous and does not require a treatment

PPP Treatment Results

Radiosurgery completely removes the Pearly Penile Papules and leaves behind no scars

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