Fordyce Spots Removal on Shaft

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Fordyce Spots on Penis or Vulva

If you have noticed some painless asymptomatic bumps on your penis or vulva, then it is high time to find out what condition you are suffering from. Our specialists at Renew Clinic can provide you with a professional diagnosis and find out whether you suffer from Fordyce spots or not.

What are Fordyce Spots on Shaft of Penis?

  • Fordyce spots, also known as Fordyce granules or Sebaceous Prominence, are a harmless skin disorder which can be present in both men and women. These spots usually appear on the shaft of the penis or labia, on the scrotum or even on the inner surface and borders of the lips
  • These skin bumps are rather superficial and indicate a sebaceous gland disorder. In this condition, the skin lesions are ectopic sebaceous glands (located in an abnormal position), and therefore the sebum gets trapped, lacking the hair follicle glands which ensure its discharge from the body. This is basically the main cause for Fordyce spots, which are asymptomatic, painless and harmless.
  • Men are usually concerned when they notice these bumps on their penises and many times they mistaken them with and STD. What you should know is that about 30% of all men suffer from Fordyce spots at some point in their life, but this is a non-infectious condition which does not harm your health or that of your partner.
  • Men who are worried they might have an STD, or those who are not sure whether or not they have Fordyce spots, should visit our practitioners at Renew Skin and Health Clinic who can provide them with a professional consultation and offer them a proper diagnosis. This condition can be identified according to the characteristic spots located on the specific areas.

Treatment Procedures

  • As previously mentioned these bumps are no reason for concern and present no risk to your health. Renew Skin and Health Clinic is aware however, that in many cases, this condition can affect men and women emotionally and might harm their confidence.
  • Noticing some unexplainable bumps on the shaft of your penis or the labia might make you insecure and worried about your partner’s reaction, this is why some men and women resort to the removal of Fordyce spots, although this is not necessary.
  • After a prior consultation, a specialist can suggest you the most efficient way to get rid of your Fordyce spots, if you are interested. However, being strictly a cosmetic procedure, the costs of this operation are not generally covered by the NHS.
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