If Fordyce Spots do not cause any pain and do not affect the health of those who have them, why risk any kind of medical procedure?

an outlet; this eventually leads to the formation of small, white, dome-shaped protrusions around the shaft of the penis, the labia or on the vermillion border of the lips. Despite not producing any physical pain or discomfort to those who present them, Fordyce Spots tend to be unaesthetic and may be confused with sexually transmitted diseases. This often leads to long-lasting psychological stress, intimacy problems and a decrease in sexual activity, especially in those who manifest a more severe case of Fordyce Spots, also known as sebaceous prominence. There is also the small risk that the Spots will break if that particular area of the skin is pressured, which may cause bleeding and infection.

The specialized treatment available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will not only completely remove these unaesthetic bumps, but will also do so with minimal risk to the patient. Radiosurgery is a safe, fast, non-intrusive and painless procedure that guarantees ideal aesthetic results. It removes the skin protrusions using low-temperature, high-frequency radio waves that also cauterize the tissue, drastically reducing the chances of infection or hemorrhage. It is considered a revolutionary procedure that produces excellent results.