I have undergone a Fordyce Spots removal treatment a few years ago and have been very pleased with the results, but they seem to have reappeared recently. Is this normal?

Unfortunately, none of the available removal treatments can offer a 100% guarantee that the Fordyce Spots will not recur at one point after they have been removed. The tendency is for the sebaceous protrusions to return after a long period of time, although they usually return in a less prominent form than before. Electro-desiccation through the use of radiosurgery has shown excellent results not only in the removal of the sebaceous protrusions, but also in drastically reducing the rate of Fordyce Spots recurrence, making it one of the most efficient types of Fordyce Spots removal treatments.

Luckily, due to the fact that the procedures recommended by Dr. Jha are non-intrusive in nature, they can be performed every time the symptoms re-appear without risking any scarring or any damage of the tissue.