PPP Treatment Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester UK

PPP Treatment Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester UK

Hi, I have Fordyce Spots, I’ve had them since puberty, and I wanted to ask if it has anything to do with the fact that I have naturally greasy skin? Fordyce Spots are ectopic, or awkwardly placed, sebaceous glands that accumulate an excessive amount of natural oil due to the fact that they do not […]

I have had rather prominent Fordyce Spots for some time now, and it is unsettling to me because I am afraid of unintentionally popping them. Is there any chance for Fordyce Spots to cause something more serious? Generally, Fordyce Spots are benign manifestations of a minor sebaceous dysfunction which do not produce pain or seriously […]

Hello, I’ve had Fordyce Spots for a several years now and I want to get rid of them, but I’m not sure I would like to resort to any form of surgery. Is there any form of self-treatment available? There are several treatments that you may try at home, but these have often proven to […]

I want to have a Fordyce spots removal treatment with CO2 laser but I’m wondering what the risks of such a cosmetic intervention especially in the genital area are. There are many cosmetic specialists who recommend the CO2 laser treatments for Fordyce spots removal especially due to the fact that it is a cosmetic procedure […]

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