PPP Treatment UK

PPP Treatment UK

I have had PPP for a few years now and am thinking of trying some form of removal treatment. Can you provide more details regarding the radiosurgery removal treatment? According to Dr. Nawal K Jha, one of the leading British specialists in Pearly Penile Papule treatment and a member of the British College of Aesthetic […]

Hello, I was wondering if  Fordyce Spots are by any chance hereditary? Despite the fact that the medical community has not yet accurately identified the causes of Fordyce Spots, it is generally believed that there is usually an underlying genetic predisposition. Fordyce Spots, also referred to as Fordyce’s Spots, are small, white sebaceous glands that […]

I’ve just found out that I have Fordyce Spots and I’ve been having trouble finding a good clinic around my area. How common is this condition ad why aren’t there more specialized clinics? Fordyce Spots are very common among the general population, with somewhere between 80 to 90 percent of the male population presenting this […]

If Fordyce Spots do not cause any pain and do not affect the health of those who have them, why risk any kind of medical procedure? an outlet; this eventually leads to the formation of small, white, dome-shaped protrusions around the shaft of the penis, the labia or on the vermillion border of the lips. […]

I’m 26 years old, I have Fordyce Spots but I have to say I’m a little scared by the idea of radiosurgery. Is it possible for these spots to just disappear if I do not follow any treatment? The small, white sebaceous protrusions, also known as Fordyce’s spots or sebaceous prominence, do have the tendency […]

I have undergone a Fordyce Spots removal treatment a few years ago and have been very pleased with the results, but they seem to have reappeared recently. Is this normal? Unfortunately, none of the available removal treatments can offer a 100% guarantee that the Fordyce Spots will not recur at one point after they have […]

Hello, I am a 17 years old girl and I have started noticing some small, white bumps on my lips. Could it be Fordyce Spots? From what age do they start appearing? It is very difficult to establish a period of time during which Fordyce Spots can be considered a more common occurrence since this […]

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